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Breath tests are the easiest and most commonly performed DWI tests, but blood tests are being increasingly relied upon, as they are much more reliable. Although the tests are more accurate, they are still not foolproof. With an expert Houston DWI attorney, you can fight the results of a blood test and prove your innocence.

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Unlike breath tests, blood tests can be relied on for testing drug use, not just alcohol. If you are suspected of driving under the influence of any substance, a police officer may ask you to submit to these tests. While blood tests could once be taken without the consent of the suspect, this was found unconstitutional in recent years and suspects must now consent to the test. If you are not 100% certain that your BAC is below the legal limit, your Houston DWI lawyer would most likely urge you to refuse the test. Unfortunately, most people are arrested and take these tests before consulting a legal professional.

Our Houston DWI Lawyer Looks For Flaws in the Testing Procedure

While the tests are largely accurate, they can still be thrown off by certain other factors. As soon as you get a chance, you should write down every aspect you remember from the blood test, as even the smallest bit of evidence could result in your Houston DWI attorney being able to have the test results withheld from the trial. If your skin was cleaned with alcohol before testing, the results could be higher than they should be. Also, if the tube your blood sample entered was completely clear, it may have been missing the critical anti-coagulents and preservatives needed to test the sample accurately.

When you work with Houston DWI lawyer , they will ensure that you willingly submitted to the blood test, that the sample was taken and preserved properly, that the testing site was sanitary, and that the sample was properly tracked and periodically inspected before it was officially tested. If any of these factors do not apply to your case, your sample may be withheld from the trial.

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