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Attorney for Field Sobriety Tests in Houston

When you see field sobriety tests on television, they always seem so official and easy to evaluate. Also, they’re always asking the person to touch their nose and recite the alphabet backwards. The reality is that field sobriety tests are quite different than those shown on your favorite Pasandena TV shows.

First of all, these tests are completely subjective. Unless the driver is so drunk they can hardly stand up, the test subject will usually be able to perform the test almost as well as a completely sober person. That’s why laboratory tests have shown the tests to be only 90% accurate under perfect situations. Once you throw in real world conditions in Harris County, including traffic, poor foot wear, uneven road surfaces and more, these tests become really inaccurate.

The shows also love to demonstrate people taking sobriety tests that are completely outdated and no longer used. There are only three tests that have an accuracy rating above 50% and these three are the only ones still used. They are:

Another thing the television tests don’t mention is that a suspect can always refuse these tests consequence free. They are not legally required. The officer will generally say you will be arrested if you refuse to take the tests, but by the time he has decided to make you take a Field Sobriety Test, he is already planning to arrest you. These tests are merely a way for the officer to collect more evidence before he brings you in to the station for chemical testing. The notes he takes will be used against you, and while your Houston DWI lawyer can help defend you against this evidence, it is much easier to simply not provide it in the first place.

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