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Houston DUID Lawyer

If you think that you can’t get in trouble for taking drugs and driving, think again. Even prescriptions can be illegal to drive with if they impair your judgment in anyway. Many people try to explain their condition to the police by telling the officer about their prescription, but this only ends up counting against them in court. If you have been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated by Drugs (DWID), please call The Law Offices of Houston DWI Attorney and schedule your free initial consultation with a skilled Houston DWI attorney.

The good thing about a DWID charge is that they are frequently easier for your Houston DWI lawyer than a standard drunk driving charge. The reason is simple: less evidence. When you are arrested for driving drunk, you may take a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer test – but neither of these tests applies to drug-related intoxications. Even if you took a blood or urine test that showed you took a controlled substance, it cannot evaluate the time you took the drug in order to show that you were under its influence while driving.

Unfortunately, there does not need to be a test to show you were intoxicated. With both DWI and DWID cases, if an officer can show you were not in control of your normal mental and physical facilities, you may be convicted. The important thing for this standard is the matter of your normal mental and physical facilities. If the officer believed you were slurring your speech or talking too fast because you were on drugs, your Houston DWI attorney can show that you ordinarily talk in this manner.

Even if you made a partial confession, by explaining you were taking a prescription drug, Houston DWI lawyer may be able to work with pharmacists or doctors to show the drug did not impair you to the point of being unable to drive.

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Just because you have been charged with DWID doesn’t mean your case is hopeless. Our office provides clients with a top-quality drunk driving defense in Texas, and our DWID defense is no different. Contact us today.