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Because commercial trucks are as much as 16 times as heavy as passenger vehicles, the drivers of these vehicles are expected to exhibit the greatest care at all times while driving. As a result, these drivers are subjected to one of the strictest DWI laws in the nation under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act or FMCSA. If you have a commercial license and are arrested under a suspicion of drunk driving, you will be subjected to this federal law, not the laws of Texas. Even so, a skilled Houston DWI attorney can help you prove your innocence in court.

Commercial drivers are permitted to take in only half of the alcohol a regular driver can before they are considered to be legally under the influence. This means if you are arrested with a BAC above 0.04%, you can be charged with drunk driving, even if you were only driving your passenger vehicle at the time. The consequences of these charges can be extremely serious, which is why it is so important you fight back with the help of a Houston DWI lawyer.

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On top of the same DWI penalties faced by non-commercial drivers, you will face the additional punishment of losing your commercial license for a full year. If you were driving a hazmat truck at the time, you may even lose your license for three years. Once you have one conviction on your record, any additional convictions will mean the permanent revocation of your commercial driving privileges. This means you could lose your entire livelihood if you do not take a stand to protect your rights by working with a top Houston DWI attorney.

When you are subject to a commercial license DWI, the tests used to evaluate your sobriety are subject to the same faults as they are when used on non-commercial drivers. Breathalyzers can be inaccurate and field sobriety tests are known for being unreliable. Your Houston DWI lawyer can help prove that you were merely subjected to problematic testing methods and were not, in fact, drunk at the time of your arrest.

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