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Houston DWI Sentencing Lawyer

While the penalties for a Houston DWI conviction are quite strict, when it comes to actual DWI sentencing, there is some room for negotiation if you have the right Houston DWI attorney.

In general, a first-time DWI could land you in jail for six months, leave you paying $2000 in fines and spending your free time doing community service and attending a mandatory DUI class. That, of course, is only if no one was harmed due to your DWI. If you accidentally took a life, you could face twenty years in prison, $10,000 in fines and more.

The right Houston DWI defense attorney can help you make a case for leniency if you have an otherwise blemish-free criminal record. Voluntarily going to rehab and drug and alcohol classes can also make inroads with judges.

At the Law Offices of Houston DWI Attorney, we assure you top quality defense from a seasoned Houston DWI lawyer, no matter how bad the charges you are facing.  While no Houston DUI lawyer can promise you will win your case, we promise we will do everything in our power to prove your innocence and fight your charges. Contact us for a free consultation.