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DWI Defense Attorney Representation in Houston, Texas

Houston DWI Attorney at Law

Houston DWI Attorney is dedicated to tough and aggressive DWI defense. On special cases, he has teamed with top attorneys in the State of Texas. This commitment to excellence has earned his firm a reputation of utmost respect and integrity.

The Law Office of Houston DWI Attorney has years of experience working in criminal defense and has even served in the District Attorney’s Office, providing with an excellent understanding of both sides of a trial. This firm’s practice areas include, but are not limited to:

DWI Charges in Texas

Of course, the main focus is on DWIs. The firm believes suspects of driving while intoxicated charges have too few rights. Many officers pull over suspects without reasonable cause, perform subjective field sobriety tests, search vehicles without probable cause and follow up with highly inaccurate breath tests. For information on DWI visit these pages:

Do not be victimized by a DWI charge! Call a Houston DWI Attorney and fight for your rights.