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Violent Crimes

Violent Crime Defense Attorney in Houston, TX

If you have been accused of a violent crime, you will be facing serious penalties. In situations like these, it is critical you don’t take chances with your Houston criminal attorney. Instead, call a firm you can trust, like the respected team at The Law Offices of Houston DWI Attorney.

The sooner you call, the sooner a skilled Houston violent crimes lawyer can begin working on your case. Time can be critical to the success of a violent crimes trial, because it allows your defense representative to get in touch with forensics teams, expert witnesses, character witnesses and other people who may be able to help prove your innocence.

A Violent crime charge needs the attention of our Houston DWI Lawyer

The penalties for violent crimes can be very intense and may include extensive fines, lengthy prison terms, mandatory rehabilitation courses, community service and long probation periods. In some violent crimes cases, you may even face the death penalty. If you have been accused of a violent crime, it is crucial you provide your Houston criminal lawyer every opportunity to build the strongest possible defense.

In some cases, the evidence against you may be overwhelming to the point where you may be advised to plead guilty in exchange for a lighter sentencing. Not only can we help advise you as to when this situation is advisable, we can also help negotiate the most favorable plea bargain for your specific situation.

Consult a Houston Criminal Lawyer

If you have been accused of any violent crime, please call our offices and schedule your free initial consultation with a top Houston violent crimes attorney. Our firm handles all types of violent crimes cases, including:

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