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Houston DWI Accidents Lawyer

DWI Defense Attorney Representation in Houston, Texas

People often forget that the primary reason why drinking and driving is illegal is due to the fact that it greatly increases the chances of a car accident.  For this reason, any DWI offender stopped and arrested at the scene of an accident faces very serious penalties.

If you have been involved in a DWI accident, you need to contact our firm immediately to discuss your case with a Houston DWI attorney. 

If you are reasonably charged with DWI in court, this means that you will likely be blamed for the car accident itself, as well as any injuries or deaths that resulted. You could face additional charges for homicide, reckless driving, and other endangerment charges, especially if there was a child in any of the vehicles involved.

Our Houston DWI Lawyer can examine your accident and other possibilities for its cause

If you did fail any breathalyzer or field sobriety tests during your arrest, you still can fight the charges though. These two tests are notoriously inaccurate and your Houston DWI attorney may be able to show the court just how unreliable the results from your tests really are. We will do whatever it takes to prove you were in full control of your normal mental and physical facilities, which means that the car accident occurred due to another reason other than alcohol impairment.

If all else fails, your Houston DWI lawyer may negotiate a successful plea bargain to ensure that you are not sentenced to the devastating maximum sentence for this crime.

If you have been accused of driving drunk which in turn caused a DWI accident, please call our offices as soon as possible.