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Houston Drug Crime Attorney

Texas is one of the largest epicenters for the illegal importation of drugs due to our proximity to Mexico. Fortunately, this has allowed our team to develop a strong, statewide reputation based on hands-on experience in the defense of those accused of drug crimes. If you have been accused of any drug crime, it is critical you work with a top Houston drug crime lawyer.

The Law Offices of Houston DWI Attorney understands the ins and outs of legal search and seizures as well as an arrestees constitutional rights. If your rights were violated in any manner during the arrest and investigation process, we will ensure that any evidence directly related to the rights violation will not stand in the court. If your Houston criminal attorney is able to have enough evidence suppressed due to rights violations, the case against you may be dropped all together.

Drug charges can carry an array of sentencing options, from mandatory education sessions to probation to lengthy prison terms. Because the cases themselves vary so drastically in scope, it is impossible for a Houston drug crime lawyer to discuss specific penalties without knowing the individual details of your charges. No matter how minor the charge though, one thing you can expect is the temporary loss of your driver’s license.

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Our offices have experience defending all types of drug crimes and we can help you fight any charges you have been accused of. Call our offices today to see how a Houston criminal attorney from our firm can help you beat charges of:

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