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Houston White Collar Crimes Lawyer

If you have been accused of a white collar crime, you may face very serious penalties – if not imposed by the court, than by the court of public opinion.  People accused of white collar crimes often have their professional reputations tarnished, so if you have found yourself facing such charges, it is important to quickly appoint a Houston criminal lawyer.

Our firm handles all types of white collar criminal cases, including:

The penalties for a white collar crimes can be very intense and may include extensive fines, lengthy prison terms.  Depending on the magnitude of the crime, such as those that involve businesses or government officials, a federal investigation and punishment may be imposed.  Even if you are only under investigation for a white collar crime, it is crucial that you provide your Houston criminal lawyer with as much time possible to build the strongest defense.

Our Houston DWI Lawyer can review all of your legal options following a drunk driving charge

In some cases, the evidence against you may be overwhelming to the point where you may be advised to plead guilty in exchange for a lighter sentencing. Not only can we help advise you as to when this situation is advisable, we can also help negotiate the most favorable plea bargain for your specific situation.

If you have been accused of any white collar crime, please call our offices and schedule your free initial consultation with a top Houston sex crimes lawyer.