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Houston Theft Crimes Defense Lawyer

In Texas, theft crimes can be somewhat legally minor, or they can mean multiple court dates, potential fines and imprisonment. Fortunately, no matter how seemingly theft your traffic crime case may be, you can consult with a Houston theft crime lawyer to see what can be done about your case.
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Our Houston Theft Lawyer can help your theft crime case

The Law Offices of Houston DWI Attorney understands how evidence and witness testimony can be used to get the maximum punishment for an accused thief.  If your rights were violated in any manner during the arrest or investigation process, we will ensure that any evidence directly related to the rights violation will not stand in the court. If your Houston theft attorney is able to have enough evidence suppressed due to rights violations, the case against you may be dropped all together.

Theft crimes can carry an array of sentencing options, from fines and probation to lengthy prison terms. It makes it all the more important for you to consult with an attorney as soon as possible.  Contact our firm today for your free case evaluation.