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DWI Glossary

Houston DWI Glossary Attorney

Absorption Rate –The speed alcohol intoxicates a person through the blood stream. If you have not eat and are tired, this number will be much faster than normal.

Administrative License Revocation –An automatic license suspension that occurs only a few days after you receive a DWI. You can only have this suspension stopped by filing for a hearing within 15 days of getting stopped for drunk driving, so call your Houston DWI attorney immediately.

BAC –Blood Alcohol Content. A legal and consistent measure of a person’s intoxication level. Anyone driving with a BAC over 0.08% may be charged with drunk driving.

Blood Test –A test to measure someone’s BAC based on a sample of blood.

Breath Test –A test that estimates someone’s BAC based on a sample of their breath. Note that this test only estimates the BAC, which means it can be inaccurate and is often found to be inadmissible thanks to the help of a top Houston DWI lawyer.

Burnoff –The speed your body will eliminate alcohol from your body and return to sobriety.

DWI –Driving While Intoxicated

DWID –Driving While Intoxicated by Drugs

Open Container Laws –A set of laws that ban driving a vehicle with an open container of alcohol in the car.

Reckless Driving –Dangerous driving

Regurgitation –Vomiting, gurgling, belching, or any other act that can push the contents of the stomach into the mouth. When this occurs shortly before giving a breath sample, it can result in artificially high results, which will make the test inadmissible with the help of a skilled Houston DWI attorney.

Standardized Field Sobriety Test –A sobriety test that is performed on location after a suspect is pulled over. These tests are optional and are very inaccurate to the point where your Houston DWI lawyer will likely have it withheld from the trial.

Urine Test –A test that estimates a person’s BAC using a urine sample. This is the least accurate of all DWI tests.

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