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Occupational Driver License After a DWI

If you have lost your driver’s license after getting a DWI, you can still drive if you first obtain an occupational driver’s license. These licenses give a convicted drunk driver the right to drive during their license suspension period, but with a number of restrictions. If you have been convicted of drunk driving, your Houston DWI attorney can help you get back your right to drive –if only between work, school and home.

The process of obtaining an occupational driver’s license can be rather difficult, but it is very possible and the benefits are definitely worth the extra bit of effort. The process can be simplified with the help of your Houston DWI lawyer. When you get a drunk driving conviction, you will automatically lose your right to drive, but with a occupational driver’s license, you can drive to work, home and school and you can drive to take care of basic

In order to get an occupational license, you must get court approval for the license, obtain SR-22 high-risk insurance and then bring related documents and money for your fines and license fees to the Department of Public Safety. Once you get your license, you need to follow very strict rules once you obtain your license. If you have any questions related to obtaining your occupational license, please ask your Houston DWI attorney.

If you are ready to take the first step to obtaining an occupational license after your drunk driving conviction, please call a Houston DWI lahousehold duties such as grocery shopping and doctor’s visits. The most common forms of these licenses will allow you to be on the road for a total of four hours a day, but if you can show reasonable need, this limit can be extended all the way to 12 hours a day.

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